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What is the Reach link?

Reach Link is a page that can include all your important links, such as ‘Instagram, Phone Number, Location, Website’ and any web link you have!

Can I have more than one reach link?

Yes! But each Reach link is connected with one email account and one username.

Where do I find my Reach Link username?

1- In your Home screen, click on the copy link on the top right corner. Then you will find your username after the 2- Go to settings under personal information, you will find your username

How to add my links?

There are 2 ways: 1- You can choose from ready links, only put in user names such as ‘YouTube, Phone, Maps, etc...’ 2- You can create a custom link and call it what you want directing your user to your a chosen link

How can I upload a photo?

Go to Appearance. Under Profile, click Upload Image.

How can I change my fonts?

Go to Appearance. Under Fonts, you can choose the font you like. (Note: Fonts are for PRO & PRO + users only)

How to put the link in the bio?

In your Home screen, click on the copy link. Then, you can paste the link into any of your social media Bios.

How to change your username?

Go to settings. Under personal information, you will find your username. Change it and then click on Save Changes.

How does the payment process work?

When converting reach link to the Pro or Pro+, the payment is made online for Visa/Mastercard by entering the payment card information. For K-ent payments, you can contact customer service for link payment.(Customer Service: +965 96051268)

How to convert your account to Pro or Pro+?

After logging in to your account through the site, click on your profile picture. Then click on upgrade to PRO. Then choose the appropriate package for you and complete the payment process. (To test our service for free for 14 days, click on Get started with free trial)

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