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What is the Reach link?

With Reach Link, you can create a page that contains all of your important links, including your "Instagram" account, phone number, location, website, and any other web links you may have.

Can I have more than one Reach Link ?

Yes you can. However, each Reach link is associated with a single email account and username.

Where do I find my Reach Link username?

  • To find your username, click on the "Copy Link" button located in the top right corner of your home screen. Your username can be found after the "" in the copied link.
  • You can also find your username in the "Personal Information" section of the settings menu.

How to add my links?

There are two ways to create links in Reach Link: 1- You can select from a list of pre-made links that only require you to enter your usernames for various platforms such as "YouTube," "Phone," "Maps," and more. 2- Alternatively, you can create a custom link and name it whatever you like, directing your users to a specific web address.

How can I upload a photo?

Go to the "Appearance" section and select "Profile." Then, click on the "Upload Image" option.

How can I change my fonts?

To choose a font, go to the "Appearance" section and select "Fonts." Please note that the font selection option is only available for PRO and PRO+ users.

How to put the link in the bio?

To share your Reach Link on social media, simply click on the "copy link" button on your Home screen and then paste the link into the Bio section of your preferred social media platform.

How to change your username?

To change your username, access the "Settings" section and go to "Personal Information." Once there, modify your username as desired and remember to click on "Save Changes" to confirm your updates.

How does the payment process work?

To upgrade your Reach Link to Pro or Pro+ version, you can make an online payment using your Visa or Mastercard by entering your payment card details. For K-Net payments, please contact our customer service team to arrange a link payment. You can reach our customer service at +965 96051268.

How to convert your account to Pro or Pro+?

After logging in to your account through the site, click on your profile picture. Then click on upgrade to PRO. Then choose the appropriate package for you and complete the payment process. (To test our service for free for 14 days, click on Get started with free trial)

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